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Fuse Character Trailers Offer Lengthy Look At Gameplay

Four new videos track each of the playable characters in Insomniac’s upcoming shooter, and between them, a clear vision of Fuse’s action emerges.

Electronic Arts and Insomniac are gearing up for the release of Fuse in the coming months. The PS3 and 360 shooter focuses strongly on cooperative play and crazy weapons – the latter of which has been a longtime strength within Insomniac’s games. 

The following four trailers each focus on one of the four characters of Overstrike 9: Dalton, Izzy, Jacob, and Naya. The individual trailers each offer a glimpse of the character’s personality and the unique weapon that will set them apart. 

Take a look at the videos, and let us know which character you think looks coolest in the comments section.  





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  • This is the first I've seen anything about this game and it looks pretty neat. I'm gonna wait to see the reviews for this one, but I'll probably end up picking it up.
  • Anyone getting a "Borderlands, non-apocalyptic version" vibe?
  • If its T, I'll look into it. If its M, I won't bother.
  • Looks interesting enough. I'll wait for the reviews, though. Also, Izzy and Naya seem to have the best toys.
  • it's like a mix of ratchet and clank and resistance. hmmmm... seems pretty good.

    EDIT: even though this doesn't have the same look as overstrike, it does still have that trademark insomniac charm.
  • For some reason it doesn't look very fun. It is like a generic shooter with some interesting gadgets/guns.
  • Staff
    Still not sold on it, but maybe Fuse will end up being a sleeper hit? Gamers do love co-op games...
  • This looks generic as hell. The weapons aren't even that distinct. Izzy's gun is a rifle version of Resistance 3's cryogun, the mag shield is the same thing as the Ravager's mobile shield in Resistance 3, the singularity ability was an alternative fire for the electro-static gun, and the crossbow is essentially a sniper rifle combined with the detonator charges from Red Faction. There's nothing new here.

  • I liked it more when it was still Overstrike. It looked original and funny in the reveal trailer, now it looks sarcastically serious and boring.
  • Dalton looks kinda like a reskinned Chris Redfield from RE6. Buff, BA, and mad.

  • This is definitely on my gaming radar, I hope it is as good as it looks.

  • I am severely underwhelmed. This game has no personality to distinguish itself from the rest of the market. Regardless of how well this game plays, it will not matter if the player is bored of the world it's placed in.
  • Meh. I don't feel anything. I might just stick with Gears.

  • The best character has got to be Izzy. I'm a sucker for redheads and Ali Hillis so it's a sure thing that she's who I'll be playing as.

  • It's Borderlands without a sense of humor AND on top of that takes itself too seriously.

  • I think Naya seemed the coolest, then Jacob (love the crossbow), Dalton, and Izzy (her weapon underwhelmed me for some reason).

  • And again, it looked better when it was Overstrike...

  • This game is going to kick some A. I'm buying It. It looks like a mix of Uncharted and Lost Planet. I like.

  • Eh, Overstrike looked so much better.

  • While many are bashing this game, I'm quite looking forward to it. Maybe it's because the weapons remind me of Resistance, or freely switching between characters reminds me of playing Hidden & Dangerous. Anyway I'll probably get it day one.
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