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The Firepower Of Fuse

Fuse was already announced as Overstrike last year and was recently teased at PAX, but today developer Insomniac officially announced the title and revealed some new screens for the game.

Fuse is based around the 4-player co-op of the Overstrike 9 team. The special forces unit is called in by the CIA to stop a group known as Raven from stealing a powerful alien energy called Fuse which powers the game's weapons.

Players can combine their weapons and abilities for maximum firepower (you can also switch between party members at will in single-player), and upgrade them by earning and spending Fuse points.

For more on the game, take a look at this teaser talking about the game's characters.

Fuse is scheduled to come out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in March.

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  • Is it just me, or does anyone else miss the original art direction?
  • Not sure what caused the decision for a more serious direction for the game. Still have high hopes with it being Insomniac.
  • not sure what to think.

  • Well at least it's gonna be more like every other shooter now......disappoint

  • This feels like a more realistic version of R&C: All 4 One, nothing wrong with that.

    GI, why do you always put multiplat stuff in the 360 section? Especially from a company with such a strong history with PS, it just bugs me seeing that little 360 symbol and no PS3 symbol of any kind.
  • i'm now less interested in this game :/  there goes whatever reason my interest was peaked when it was overstrike

  • It's looks like a Ratchet and Resistance mash up.  Might be fun but I'd need to see more before fully committing my $60.

  • Staff
    Still not much to go on, but the world can always use more 4-player co-op games...
  • Looks like they slightly abandoned the cartoony, humorous look of the first trailer. A shame, since almost everything these days wants to be 'gritty and visceral', so something that doesn't take itself very seriously would be welcome.
  • Well I will try it but I do not have high hopes for it

  • Looks good so far. While I appreciated the more animated look it originally had, I can understand changing it to a more gritty look. I think on a broader spectrum, a realistic look is most adaptable to more gamers.

  • I am getting this game for sure!

  • I was really excited when this was shown as Overstrike last year. I just hope that the change in title doesn't also signal too much change to the game itself. I really enjoyed the humor and the characters from that initial preview.
  • Looks like it's coming along nicely.

  •     0. 0. .0.0 .0 .0 0 .

  • I hear insomniac, and all i think, creative weapons, I am down

  • I don't know, the characters look much more generic now compared to their looks in the original trailer. I really hope it keeps that sense of humor. I'll keep my eye on this though.
  • Still prefer the original to be honest. Though its nice to see that not all is gone, will keep a look out on it to see if the change is of positive than negative.

  • My friend was just talking about this.