Being a fan of Insomniac, I was pretty excited going in. My recent experience with Insomniac was of course Resistance 3, which left me totally disappointed. I read a few reviews on here which almost led me to just return it, but I decided to give it a shot. On to the game review:



The games story line is super far fetched but I honestly think it was intended to be that way, it was good in a funny way. I did find a lot of it to be dumb but at the same time I enjoyed, so take that for what its worth.


As with a lot of PS3 games, I find the controls (movement) to be a bit loose and not super responsive, this seems to be a plague of the PS3 that will not go away until PS4 (hopefully). The buttons are mapped accordingly to most shooters, and all make sense. The game does have stealth kills but no stealth. You can sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy, and by sneak I mean run (since there is no sneak button) and do a stealth kill. Things like this always turn me off when playing games, that's like giving me an ice cream cone with no ice cream. Anyhow, the gun's are obviously the best part of the game although I didn't find the majority of them to be that great as compared to Insomniac's previous titles. I didn't find myself switching between characters much, I'm a bit old fashioned in that regard as I always choose one character and stick with them. I did not play with friends but I will say I found the AI of my partners to be pretty good. Enemies are always the same for the most part and wave after wave of the same mofo's are sent at you. On the same token, I had fun slaughtering them each time!



Not too bad, but could have been better. I thought the character models for the four main characters were good, but the environment wasn't overly impressive at all and seemed a bit rushed. Between the cluttered colors and the non realistic fire in the game, they could have done much better. 



This is where I get pissed, only 5+ hours maybe 6. I in no way shape or form find it acceptable to pay 64 to a campaign that is barely 6 hours. Just when the game starts getting enjoyable it freaking ends, and it's so quick that my first thought was "Seriously, that's it?".



Not to bad, if I had to do it over I would have waited until it dropped down to about $20 only because of the playthrough time. If you a fan of Insomniac and don't mind a funny brainless shooter, check it out.