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Learn Dalton's Rules In The Latest Trailer For Fuse

Dalton, part of the foursome that makes up the Overstrike 9 team in Insomniac's upcoming game Fuse, explains the rules to being a tattooed man with a gun.

The first rule is one that most professional assassins and mercenaries claim to stick to, always break, and it ends up becoming their downfall, but also their salvation. Dalton is probably different, though.

Fuse is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year, and if you reserve it now you get access to exclusive team extras including upgraded uniforms, customized weapons, and increased damage.

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  • I'm sure it could be alot better than what they have shown considering insomniac being a good developer but everything i have seen so far of this game has not impressed me at all.
  • to many overly buff characters nowadays..
  • he is different, you can tell he doesn't trust his squad mates.  Twist ending, he shouldn't have trusted himself and turns out to be the villain.  Renaming the game schizophrenic  

  • The trailer seemed rather generic... From what I have read in previews, it seems like there are only a couple of cool and crazy weapons... I really hope they actually have more crazy weapons. Despite this, I will still probably get the game.

  • another dude bro cover based shooter. just what I was waiting for. unless there is more than meets the eye with this game, I predict another flop from insomniac.
  • Is it just me or did Overstrike look a lot better than this?
  • Wise-cracking, ripped AND tattooed? This guy hits every checkbox you WANT in a memorable, likeable gaming hero! This game is going to be the most successful shooter since Bulletstorm! I hope they cuss a lot too, because that's the coolest! Not at all off-putting or cringe-worthy! Okay, so enough with the sarcasm. Count me on the side of, "It was notably better when it was Overstrike" - and I stand by that. We have way too many games out in the marketplace that look and play like this already, and they're all either Gears of War, Uncharted, or some failed would-be franchise (Blood Stone, 50 Cent Blood on the Sand, the Club, Binary Domain, Starhawk, Army of Two, Vanquish, Spec Ops: The Line, Dark Sector, Inversion, Dark Void, etc.). And some of those failed franchises were really, really good - better than Fuse will likely end up (Vanquish, Spec Ops, Binary Domain). But I'll give credit to Insomniac where it's due - the game is much more colorful than when they dropped that awful debut trailer in September. IGN's recent look at Fuse mentioned they redid some art to make the colors pop, and it's clear they did. So good for them. Baby steps. Some people - EA - need to learn not to run away from style and color. Look at Dishonored, Team Fortress 2, Monday Night Combat, Firefall, Borderlands, etc. Insomniac should be proud to make games that stand out, not blend in with the crowd.
  • Very questionable. There's some new gameplay of Fuse over at gamespot. The slide-into-cover looks a little too powerful - even more so than Gears.

  • I would have preferred it if they had stayed with the Overstrike aesthetic, but this doesn't look too bad. It kinda has a slight Battlefield Bad Company vibe to it that I haven't seen in any game for far too long.
  • Looks fantastic, Insomniac's name just flat out excites me every time I see it.  Ready to play it now.

  • So.. generic/cliche rules of his profession, one joke and a lot of shooting/explosions.. yay.
  • I still would have preferred the original artistic style of OverStrike and the original voice actor.  this just seems...Angry Brown like everything else...

  • The more they show, the more generic this game looks. Also it's funny that you guys only put the PS logo, since the whole excitement over this thing (or much of it) is that it's Insomniac's first cross-platform title (not pointing it out to nitpick, it's just ironic).
  • Meh. A guy who doesn't want to be there, melon-sized biceps, explosions, jokes that try too hard. I'm with everyone else on this: Overstrike looked like a lot more fun.
  • oh~ seems interesting. might give it a try.

  • Rules huh? Who needs rulez. I don't.

  • I really am excited for this game, but before it comes out, all I'd like like to see is a little more color in the environments, more guns, and some alien enemies. Then I'll be truly sold.

  • I want to like this game but I have a feeling of repetition, also feels like I already played it. Enemy characters look similar and levels a bit vague. I could be wrong but I will have to at least play a demo to think about buying the game.

  • If the game is even mediocre, I'd play it just for the trademark Insomniac humor.

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