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  • Blog Post: FTL Review

    Commanding your own starship is one of the few fantasies that all science fiction fans share. While it is fun to watch Kirk or Picard command their respective Enterprises though thick and thin, the entire time you’re watching you want that thrill to be yours. That’s where video games have... More
  • Blog Post: FTL (AKA Star Trek, the game)

    Very fun, challenging, and rewarding. You feel like your a real space captain making decisions, à la Star Trek. It's not like any other space sim/strategy game out there, as you only control one ship, and its crew. At first it seems simple and easy, but it gets real tough and you have to come... More
  • Blog Post: Faster Than Light - Your Own Personal Space Opera

    It's every nerd's dream - to command your very own spaceship through the vastness of space. Who doesn't want to step into the shoes of galactic space faring heroes such as Captain Kirk or Han Solo, making split second decisions, fighting in epic space battles against pirates and discovering... More
  • Blog Post: Be Prepared to Lose...and Lose...and Lose

    You sit in your chair, wildly clicking your mouse. Your eyes dart from your starship's interior to the enemy ship's interior. Your lasers charge and you unleash a barrage from your pulse lasers. However, your efforts are in vein as your enemies shields recharge in the knick of time, rendering... More
  • Blog Post: An idie darling that can't be missed

    This game has a special place in my heart. It is not often that I play a game and am encouraged by death, even if it was unfair or out of the blue. This game follows your ship, which has a crew that can man four stations (Weapons, Shields, Engines, and Cockpit), repair damage, put out fire, battle intruders... More
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