This game has a special place in my heart. It is not often that I play a game and am encouraged by death, even if it was unfair or out of the blue. This game follows your ship, which has a crew that can man four stations (Weapons, Shields, Engines, and Cockpit), repair damage, put out fire, battle intruders, or even board enemy crafts to take them down from within...just don't forget to teleport them back before destroying the ship.

The graphics are nothing inspiring, but are beautifully clean and give the exact information that they need to give. It's a stylistic efficiency, if you will.

The sound is great, with different beams firing, shields being knocked down, melodies and beats that remind of the old sci-fi classics, and the immensely gratifying sound of enemy ships being torn apart.

This game is all about nuisance and decision making. You get a certain amount of energy, and scrap from enemy ships is used both to buy upgrades for the ship and to buy weapons, personnel, and augments for your ship. I can't tell the number of times I needed to refill fuel, upgrade my weapons to use a new weapon I found, AND had to buy fuel and had to make difficult decisions as to which I would spend scrap on. Doors can be upgraded to block enemies in, and to open airlocks, emptying rooms of oxygen. This can be used to damage intruders who are in a certain sector of the ship, or even to put out fires that have started in rooms.

There are ion weapons, missile systems that go through shields, laser beams, laser cannons, and a plethora of augments, such as cloaking, weapons charged after every jump from place to place, and extra scrap collected with every battle. There are remote drone that can damage enemy ships and repair your own as well.

Of course, being rogue-like, the game can get brutal. The final boss is very difficult, but only if you do not prepare in the correct way. This game encourages you to try different strategies and new weapon combinations and augmentations.The random encounters you deal with, such as choosing to combat giant space spiders, or helping a seemingly desperate crew after a jump, all come int he form of text box choices. These can end up with you getting into a fight, avoiding conflict all together, getting scrap, weapons, fuel, missiles, drones, and more. You can lose personnel and sometimes gain new members. It is all about choice. My only complaint is after a lot of play -throughs you can predict the outcome of most dialogue boxes, although they do vary in what happens most of the time. Given more time and money, I'm sure the developers will expand upon their ideas and dialogues in the sequel.

All this for $10. 

I highly recommend trying this game out. Give it patience, and play the tutorial, and you will learnt to love the difficult learning curve. This is one download you won't want to miss.