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Fruit Ninja Kinect

I Sliced A Pineapple In Half

The iOS game Fruit Ninja exploded onto the casual scene some time ago, but now developer Halfbrick is bringing its wild fruit slicer to Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade.

As fruit flies up on screen, players swipe at the air to cut them in half, being careful to avoid bombs that will destroy their score. Halfbrick has added new fruits like pomegranates that players will have to slice multiple times. Fruit Ninja Kinect features a new 2-player mode that lets players either work together to rack up a high score or play in competitive matches against each other. Leaderboards will encourage friends to battle each other for the top spot.

This juicy Kinect only downloadable title is headed to Xbox Live sometime this summer.

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  • This actually looks good. O.o
  • I love fruit ninja! Too bad it's only on kinect. I would love to play fruit ninja on my ps3!
  • Oh, I thought it was a game about fruit who are ninja. My bad. This looks cool, though. This will help me pass my Genin exams. *nerd*
  • does this count toward my diet?

  • Pineapples... Yum! But all these fruit slicin' pics have me thinking about a certain game. What ever happend to that Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Did they ever show it at E3?

  • Another mini game for kinect, meh.

  • I wonder if the controls work well? I hope so, one of my favorite phone games.

  • sold

  • looks cool i own the original on my ipod but the repay value is slim, but with this i bet its better because of the two player which looks like a blast. worth a 150$, no
  • I had a feeling my Kinect wanted to turn my HDTV into a giant iPod Touch that I, um, didn't touch. This is fun on my phone but I'll probably pass on the Kinect version. Bring on Child of Eden!

  • talk about a good workout.

  • I read the title and I was just like "okay...?"

  • I love fruit ninja on my Android phone, but I refuse to actually buy this game.

  • When I first read the title I got excited and thought it was about Metal Gear Solid Rising... -.-
  • Fruit Ninja was really good on the Ipod, I just hope they will anounce another version that uses move.

  • Eyetoy v2


  • Slicing things up was my favorite thing about Sports Resort on the Wii, but it got old quick, this looks more like a tech demo but I guess it could be fun with two players.  

  • I just recently sliced a pineapple in half with a machete... in the real world...

  • Good for you, Ben, good for you...

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