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  • Blog Post: The best Kinect Game I have played yet!

    This game is fantastic for sheer entertainment value alone. Watching all of your friends move their arms in the most ridiculous patterns to slice and dice the most fruit couldn't possibly be more fun unless you had a few beers. Although that may lead to your friends falling down, so it's perhaps... More
  • Blog Post: The most fun you'll get out of a Kinect game

    Fruit Ninja is a splash beyond splash of hand swiping fun. It was so much fun, we played till we couldn't chop no more the first night. This game will definitely give you a workout after a while. All the colorful fruit and sounds are great.I honestly didn't think they would pull it off at first... More
  • Blog Post: Fun game to get you moving.

    I just downloaded and played Fruit Ninja Kinect for about an hour and I have to say I have not had this much fun with a Kinect game for a long time. The games are simple, but like many puzzle games it takes a while to master timing slices and avoid the bombs that pop up. I can see where those people... More
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