Fruit Ninja Kinect surprised me quite a bit. Originally purchased for the young ones, I did not have high expectations for this game. It is however, quite satisfying to splatter the guts of innocently tossed fruit all over the wall.

 Fruit Ninja Kinect is a great, "dumb-fun" kind of game. Fairly straight forward as you slice the tossed fruit from the air with your hands (or feet if you're feeling adventurous and flexible). Plus, it has a few combo creating fruit pieces thrown in to keep things interesting. However, despite the moderate amount of unlockables and challenges it has, it does seem to be the same old song. How many games about slicing fruit do you honestly think would have an in depth an engaging plot line to keep you hooked for hours on end though? Take it for what it is; a great arcade-style, fast action, fun-with-friends game.

 The 2 player co-op and versus mode are a great addition. Playing a fun game is good, but playing a good game with friends is (usually) better. Just be sure to stagger players a bit, as you will most likely get a couple of ninja chops to the melon, and there's not a whole lot of room for two on the screen.

 The tracking seems to be very responsive and quick, especially when compared to some other Kinect titles. Despite a few moments where it didn't register, all-in-all it seemed very well done. After all, if you are going to make a game for the Kinect, you better make sure it tracks the person in charge accurately.

 The game looks and sounds great. Nothing really award winning here, just nothing to complain about.

 Overall, I think this is a unique and polished game. And at a $10 price tag, you are getting your money's worth. Between challenges, unlockables, and game modes, they did a great job of creating ways with which to keep you engaged in otherwise repetitive gameplay. Which was to honestly be somewhat expected.

 Now, enjoy unwarranted attacks on fruit as you hone your ninja skills and your arms go limp with fatigue!