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Frozen Endzone

Turn-Based Sports Title Now In Early Access

Frozen Endzone, the tactical turn-based football title from the creators of Frozen Synapse, is now available on PC via Steam Early Access. The game pits two opposing players against one another in a futuristic game of football where players must predict their opponents movements in order to succeed. Each player can customize their team of robotic players, with the ability to individually fine tune their stats and customize their look. 

Buyers of the Early Access version will be able to create maps using the Playfield editor, play in single player matches against AI, and experience two core multiplayer modes, Duplicate and Full Match. A full-fledged single-player season mode is planned for the game's full release.

Purchasing the Early Access version of the game also scores you an additional game key for a friend. Both copies will be automatically upgraded to the full version upon its release later this year. You can check out the game's Early Access launch trailer below, which also shows a full match being played.


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  • Strange that they're going from a shooter style game to a football style game. Looks cool though, not really a football fan but might give it a try. Also really looking forward to the Vita version of Synapse.
  • I will never support early access, when I put money towards a game it must be finished. I know that early access gives developers greater capital to invest on their games but dammit am I really the only one who refuses to play unfinished junk? I remember a time that when games came out they where finished.

  • Interesting.

  • Been looking forward to this game, I went to look at how much it was and was a little surprised at the price. I thought this was gonna be maybe 15-20 bucks at most not $25. I really wanna try it though so I might still get it sometime after I get more money since I just bought Titanfall lol.