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  • Blog Post: A God Game Unlike Most God Games

    What a gem this game is. Ubisoft has crafted a very special game here. This game is basically a God game, but instead of controlling people or cities, you control the environment. You pick up lumps of dirt, water and lava in order to craft beautiful worlds. The point of this game is to try to help a... More
  • Blog Post: From Dust: You'll Learn to Love It

    From Dust is a game that emphasizes the power of nature and humanity's feeble attempts to control it. The player takes control of The Breath, a character-less demigod with limited control over the elements of nature, and the task at hand is to allow your tribesmen's safe passage throughout each... More
  • Blog Post: From Dust Review

    WARNING: This game is highly addictive. After playing the free trial for about 30 minutes I knew i wanted to buy this game. I'm a "spare-time" gamer so I had to wait until some things were finished before I sat down to spend some quality time with the game but later the same day I bought... More
  • Blog Post: From Dust Shortened Review

    From Dust is a very amazing arcade game that has a layout which other games should start following. The villagers make very well notice of themselves when in a crisis, the natural disasters always make you find a way to prevent them, and the ability to control the water and earth to make a safe area... More
  • Blog Post: The best divine simulator after Black & White 2

    If you plan to have a lot of free time and try something new , this is totally the game for you. It is funny , realistic , varied and has great graphics . More
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