What a gem this game is. 

Ubisoft has crafted a very special game here. This game is basically a God game, but instead of controlling people or cities, you control the environment. You pick up lumps of dirt, water and lava in order to craft beautiful worlds. The point of this game is to try to help a small tribe of people find the history of their past by collecting totems. You must protect them from the elements such as rising tides, lava flows, and fires by shaping the world around them.


-The Graphics. The world is beautiful; The water is crisp, the fauna is lush, the sand flows cleanly, and the lava and fire burn nicely. 

-The Art Style. Though this technically should go under graphics, I won't put it there. The art style is REALLY cool. The tribes people and the towns look great. The art style just pops in all the right places. It may be hard to explain, but you know it when you'll see it.

-The Physics. Water moves like water, sand moves like sand, lava moves like lava. Just like it should. Which is great. No two levels or playthroughs are ever the same.

-The Gameplay Again, this is a fresh new perspective on the genre that can be both relaxing and frustrating, but all together, fun and rewarding.


-The Tribe AI. You do not control the AI, but you still have to make paths for them to follow for them to reach their goals. Sometimes, no matter how clean or perfect your route is, the AI will go out of it's way to go either the farthest out of the way or most difficult path, then cry and complain to you when they can't pass. This doesn't always happen, but it is frequent enough to be an annoyance.

-The Challenging Levels. Like most games, the difficulty normally increases as the game goes on, but here, the last few levels are so excruciatingly annoying that it will make you rage, cry, quit, and then go look up the answers on the internet. These levels, though few, made me turn off my system and  take a breather more than once.

The Ugly

-Nothing. There is nothing game-breakingly gross or wrong here.

The Magnificent

-The Last Level. Ok, lets face it, this story doesn't have much going for it, so I doubt I am spoiling much here, but if you really don't want to know, don't read any further.

The last level is a sandbox level. THAT'S RIGHT, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Like most games of this style, it is just BEGGING for people to go crazy and use their powers however they want, and this truly does deliver.