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Pure and undefiled, poop.

  • I feel like you have a natural gift in reviewing games. This review is just so remarkable that you should look into journalism. If i were half as good as you are at reviewing games i would be ten times better then most of the people doing the job today. Thank you for the awesome advice on why this game is "Pure and undefiled, poop" and your view on the gameplay and visual aspects of the game is just eyeopening. I am a better man for reading this. THANK YOU.
  • retard

  • You sir, are one the biggest loser alive.

  • I doubt you have even played it. Looks to me like just an easy way for you to lazily rack up some points. It doesn't matter if you like the game or not, just as long as you actually give some honest and valid reasons for why you may feel the way you do about the game.

  • pears suck. peaches are better.
  • How insightful. I will surely come to you if I ever hit a wall when I review something. You have a gift.

    (Sarcasm Meter on Overload)

  • That's a nice bit of self-reflection there, Adam, but I'm not sure it belongs in the reviews for an excellent game such as this.

  • Can you please teach me how to review as good as you???

  • Magnificent review.

  • Ummm, wow.... I'm at a loss for words... I cannot say i completely agree with this review... Well, everyone has an opinion..

  • I like Your long and intense review of all aspects of the game. Now I know why I don't want the game, because its, "Pure and Undefiled, poop."