From Dust is an exceptional game. It can be frustrating at times what with the difficulty spikes, unintelligent A.I., imprecise camera controls and physics that are sometimes just TOO realistic (For example, my sand bridge constantly eroding away).  It seems to be a relaxing game, but at times it is the opposite. it takes you from a soothing level to a level where a timer pops up giving you little room for error before disaster strikes. It is a lot of fun to play, though, and well worth the buy. A major reason I would have bought this is for a sandbox mode. I was unable to find it listed on any reviews, but yes it DOES have a sort of sandbox mode. The very last level of the campaign is very sandbox-ish. Unfortunately, you will have to make it through the entire campaign to get to it. Which isn't a problem, just difficult. Especially when the sandbox mode was really the main reason I bought it.