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Foul Play

Vaudevillian Brawler Gets Release Trailer

Foul Play is out on PC and Xbox Live Arcade today, and now is a perfect time to become acquainted with Baron Dashforth and his trusty sidekick, Scampwick. Foul Play isn't the average side-scrolling beat 'em up thanks to some smart innovations.

As you might recall from our recent preview, there is no health bar. Since the game takes place on a stage (the story is a recounting of Dashforth's life), an applause meter serves as the life meter. Keep the audience happy, and you'll get to keep beating up actors dressed as monsters.

Foul Play is priced at $14.99 on Xbox Live and Steam. You can get it for $13.49 on Get Games.

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  • Yawn... I like the look but Scott Pillgrim, Shank and a few other games have already done the whole brawler scene. Oh did I mention Castle Crashers?
  • I will check out the demo. Sounds $5 too much though. I will give it clever points for it's premise.

  • Hmm...interesting looks.
  • This is both very cute and very clever! I'm really interested now....

    When the Xbox one launches, I'll be sure to pick up a 360- I'm really into all the downloadable titles that are out for it. Dust, Bastion, Black Knight Sword, Braid, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, and now Foul Play. There are even more games, I'm sure that I'll love, but aren't coming to the PS3.

  • If I have to watch one more Assassin's Creed Black Flag ad before an internet video I'm going to explode.