Honestly, when I saw the trailer on TV, I couldn't tell if the pictures were of real cars or not. This game has set the bar insanely high and no other racing game I've ever played has even come close to the genuine experience of Forza 4. Lately I've been caught up in some of my other games like Batman Arkham City and Portal 2, but I feel empty when I'm not playing Forza 4. It's a great racing experience and it allows me to get behind the wheel of cars that I could never even dream of owning. When I first got this game for Christmas, I was a hardcore FPS and action/adventure fan and refused to buy any other genre. I put the disc in, honestly not expecting much, started up the game, raced the Ferrari 458 Italia in a race that automatically starts the first time you play, and the drool-fest began. I am madly in love with this game and I firmly believe that it is the greatest racing game in history. I highly recommend this game to anyone who has even slightly considered themselves to be a fan of gaming.