A poor man's game for car collecting (even cheaper than building a bunch of plastic models). And you get to race them to!

Well, you may not actually sit your butt inside a BMW M5, or a Ferrari 599 GTO, and get to experience first-hand what it's like to actually go head to head with other cars of this class, but it's as close to it as anything I have ever seen. 

This is just like the old racing game you use to play as a kid. Get to point-A, to point-B, before anyone else and as fast as possible. The difference? Well, alot. Almost everything in this game, from customization, upgrading, to your online profile, is at your disposal. You can play flawless online races at anytime. You can get your hands on not just 6 cars, not just 8 cars, but HUNDREDS of real-life cars. This is the ultimate car/racing simulator.

Even if you don't feel like racing, and just like to look at cars, there's an option called Autovista where you can do just that. If you don't feel like taking the time to figure out what-engine-upgrades-do-what, you have the option to play this game in a linear fashion, where upgrading becomes  automatic and the nest race is chosen for you. Both these options are narrated by two of the hosts from the popular British TV show, Top Gear.

This game is alot of fun, whether you play it linearly, at your own pace, or using to look at Autovista. The best part, or course, is the online gaming. Racing online is as easy as choosing "Quick Race" in the online menu, and you get a wide variety of cars from every class to choose from. Once you get the basics down, I promise you, you will want to dive deeper into the upgrading schematics and try and beat your friends track times and drift times and drag times and lap times and etc. etc. And if your friends on your Live account don't play Forza 4 (shame on them if they don't) then you can easily join one of the thousands of clubs design to bring users of the game together.


All in all, this is the best racing game for the Xbox 360, if not for the entire genre itself. We are seeing the next level of racing games, and the next level of car enthusiast's wet dream. Whatever your tastes in cars, this game is a must-own.