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Forza Horizon 2

Learn About The Importance Of Social Play

Forza Horizon 2's latest video explains, in detail, how important the game's social aspects are to the experience.

Alongside a montage of new gameplay footage, you will also learn about playing with your friends, even when they're offline, clubs, and some of the new and returning modes. Horizon 2's king and infected modes return with new customized arenas designed with jumps and breakable objects everywhere. In the Online Road Trip mode, you and your friends all vote on what activities to do and where to go next. In the Online Free Roam mode, you and your friends are free to do absolutely anything you want in the game's open world.

For more on Forza Horizon 2, which is coming to Xbox One and 360 on September 30, head here, and check out the video below.


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  • Well... This sucks...
  • I know this is going to look fantastic and probably play really well, but it sounds like a game adaption of the movie "Cars". Instead of being able to get out on foot, ala GTA, you're always in a car. I like how you can do "anything you want" including racing, driving around, driving around with friends, driving to other various places to look for secrets, or just driving around. I'm glad racing games have evolved to this point though.
  • I feel like they are focusing on everything I don't care about. Does Turn 10 even listen to it's fans? And will Horizon 2 attempt to nickel and dime us as bad as the first one? Remember constantly getting bugged to buy tokens with real money? I'm just so burned by their latest games. :(