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New Forza Horizon Screens

Forza Horizon's open-world racing festival is getting set to kick off, and some new screens of the game have just been released.

The game centers around the Horizon Festival, which is both a physical hub in the title where you can do things like get events and upgrade your car.

Challenges and races for Popularity points litter the Colorado landscape, which also provides myriad terrain types, from dusty backroads to city locations.

Forza Horizon releases on the Xbox 360 on October 23.

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  • Can't wait to race as a motor-home! That thing is stickin' right with 'em!

  • Game looks great.  Cant wait to try it.  

  • this game will be becoming a believer..go turn10, destroy ea hold on this branch of the racing genre
  • I wonder if you'll be able to drive through Denver or not. Also here's a recent article that I found about Forza Horizon:
  • Given enough funds, I would purchase this video game to play upon my Xbox 360 console.
  • Everytime I see a game like this, I tell myself, "Games will never look better than this." But each new generation of consoles proves me wrong. I expect to have my mind BLOWN on the PS4 and Xbox 720.
  • Open-world forza = mind blown. TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • I really enjoy the Forza series, it is the best racing I have every played.

  • would like to try a demo first. Love the fact it's open world
  • One of the only reasons I would buy an xbox

  • I can't wait to get my collectors edition.

  • This game has really good graphics.

  • This game looks like it's going to be my favorite racing game to date! I can't decide which to get though, the new Forza of the new Need for Speed! Decisions!!
  • Some beautifully composed screenshots. The FR-S is gettin' some love... and on that note, what's with the absence of it's sister in video games? I personally prefer the trim and manufacturers colors for the BRZ o.o
  • This screenshots are sleek and sexy!

  • Oh my!

  • Here's a video with some more info about this game.

  • I wish I had an Xbox to check this game out once it releases.

  • cars