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The Open World MMO Shooter Is Now Yours To Explore

After a long development cycle, Red 5's free-to-play MMO/shooter hybrid is finally available. Anyone with a Steam account and working PC can download it today.

Firefall maintains the classic tropes of MMOs (quests, skills, PvP, customizable characters) and places you on a future Earth. Your quest? To destroy the Chosen, an evil race of humanoids bent on destroying what's left of humanity. The game also promises certain elements of procedurally-generated content as well.

We had a chance to play a bit of Firefall last year. You can reach our impressions here. The game has undergone some changes since then, however.

Firefall launched yesterday, July 29, on PC. You can find the game on Steam.

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  • Someone should have turned up the visuals when they recorded that trailer because it's looking a little on the bland side.
  • Nope

  • What do you mean it's "finally available"? It's been open beta for a while now.
  • Playing Destiny over the weekend stole most of my desire to actually play this game thoroughly. Like I will still play this game, but the moment destiny hits shelves, that's gonna be my mmo shooter of choice. still this is a fun game though. Wish it wasn't some complicated at first.
  • Blah, not another cliche MMO -_-
  • Looka like a really fun Sci-Fi mmo/shooter. I'm definitely going to try it out.

  • I played Firefall in the closed beta almost a year ago.

    It was a great game, fun, creative, nice progression and crafting gameplay. And the pvp was also very fun.

    Then suddenly everything changed. It was like they brought in an entirely new team of developers and had them just change the entire game.

    The core values and gameplay mechanics were totally re-done. The crafting system, gone. PvP battlegrounds, gone. Old progression and skill trees, gone. All the gear you had and experience points, gone.

    Really disappointing.