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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

The New Sheen Of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Wondering what's in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster? Square Enix has a new video detailing the collection's differences from the originals.

The title is based off the international edition, which means you're getting 20+ hours of content that previously has not been released here.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster comes out for PlayStation 3 and Vita on March 18. For the Vita version of the collection, FF X is on the card and X-2 is offered as a download.

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  • Never played FF13 and thinking about getting it... Should I? Serious question. I've never played any FF before.

  • I somehow derived out of the article title that Charlie Sheen was going to be a voice actor in a new Final Fantasy game. Dream on... dream on.

  • X-2 as a download on the Vita? Great! I thought it would be sold as a separate game entirely. Normally I would just get the PS3 version but Honestly having the portability (and ability to take screenshots) kinda seal the deal.
  • Is anyone else SUPER sick of the "Vengence has a face....Vengence has eyes" ad before the videos??
  • Looks good. Final Fantasy was one of those series I was always interested in but was never able to buy. My parents always thought it would be too hard -_- I have VII downloaded on my PS3 so once I beat that I may pick this up.

  • I never played Final Fantasy VII and never will because no nostalgia is tying me to it, so it looks like crap and I don't care for it. But Final Fantasy X is like the Final Fantasy VII to my age range, where it was well-received and people enjoyed it but I played it and just...did not enjoy it at all. There should be a Final Fantasy IX remake, dang it.
  • This bring back a ton of nostaglia, never so much fun leveling up Tidus and Auron in this game to unbelievable levels. Can't wait to replay this!
  • Yay international edition

  • As an "old guy" (I started with FF on NES); FF X was the first game I really loved for my PS2. This update looks fantastic, and I'll for sure DL it on launch day. I wonder if it will be around the $30 mark?
  • Truth: If Square Enix made an offer of forgoing all the new content in exchang for making the whole 200 dodges in the Thunder Plains for Lulu's ultimate weapon easier to achieve, I might consider it. Worst. Side task. Ever.
  • This is my favorite Final Fantasy and one of my all-time favorite games. I have both versions paid off! Can't wait!

  • Also, note to SE: Final Fantasy XII is a perfect candidate for an HD remaster. That is all.
  • I may have to pick this up. I beat Final Fantasy X like 4 times and I am not one to replay games. X-2 wasn't that crazy about it.
  • This game gon' be dope!

    In all seriousness, this game is probably going to take over my life when it comes out.

  • Damn, I initially was not going to buy this because I already have X and X-2 for PS2 and I like games the way they are without the HD remake. However, this looks simply amazing!

  • I've heard so much about this game, I can't wait to get it for PS Vita!!!

  • Mod

    I need to get this game...

  • I love X, but every time I see X-2 I vomit in my mouth a little.
  • This is my all time favorite game. I remember getting it for christmas the same year I got my ps2. I spent days playing this game. I cannot wait to play blitz ball again. The story, monsters, boss fights, music, EVERYTHING about this game is simply perfect. One more month and I get to relive my childhood again. All this plus trophies! Hell Yeah! Also never did beat X-2 so looking forward to that as well. I am also a huge MGS fan and Ground Zeroes comes out the same day, my friends think I am crazy but it isn't even a choice FF all the way!
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