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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Trailer Shows Off Enhanced Graphics

While it hasn't been long since Square Enix released its audio drama preview, the Gamescom trailer for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster does both audio and visual comparison.  

Beyond upscaling visuals, character models have received upgraded textures and the audio has been remastered.  

You can check out a string of Overdrives, including Yuna summoning the Aeon Valefor to overkill some chump enemies. If you want to jump straight to the new stuff, hit the 1:46 mark of the video.

Are you planning on picking up the HD Remaster? 

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  • I could think of a whole bunch more games that should get this treatment.
  • I already have this on pre-order! I definitely can't wait until we get a release date for this.
  • Why can't December come fast enough?
  • the only thing I want to know is... "the release date" :O
  • one of my favorite RPG series
  • I played the original version of both games on the PS2 and deeply enjoyed them and already have this pre-ordered. ^_^
  • people say..."it looks awesome! Looks great!" sorry but this still seems like old school resolution and crap. Look at Halo CEA, that was a true HD remaster! Nothing comes even close...
  • The trolls run deep in this comment thread. Anyway, I'm quite excited to play this again.

  • Looks really neat.  I loved the game back in the day but had no desire to replay it.  Next time there's a slow season I might give it a go.

  • If the Vita is still $199, I'll pick one up with a copy of the game instead of upgrading my tablet.

  • Can't wait. Can I just please get a release date so I can plan ahead? Is that to much to ask?
  • Lulu victory pose in HD? Yes. Yes I will be picking this up.

  • I'm definitely picking this up even though I own X & X-2 on PS2. This looks to be a great HD Remaster, They have really improved on the models & graphics and improving audio is always a plus especially when it's towards a stellar Final Fantasy like X. Can't wait for the release

  • Ughhh we need a release date already! I was hoping for the TBA 2013 rumors to be true but surely they'd have announced a release date by now if that were true, the yaer is almost over and I still don't have my FFX!
  • Shin Megami Tensei > Final Fantasy.
  • Better graphics don't make better game... The core game of FFX was *** and awfull, making it glitter more is like putting icing over ***

  • So many haters! It breaks my heart... This is one of my favorite games of all times, I have the Zanarkand Abes tattoo on my right shoulder, I can not WAIT for this game to come out!!! And it is SO already pre-ordered.
  • And still no release date.  Honest to god I was hoping gamescom would bring release date news for some of the games I was looking forward to. (most notably this and South Park The Stick of Truth)  If these companies are still sticking to a 2013 release, they might want to consider sticking a date on their titles.  I'd rather have a firm release date with a pushback excuse of "we just wanted to make it better", than a vague 2013 turning into a vague 2014.

  • Be nice if they would make it for the Xbox 360 too!