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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

New Video Compares Final Fantasy X HD's New Visuals To The Old

Square Enix has announced pre-order bonuses and a price for the upcoming Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD collection, as well a video comparing Final Fantasy X's original visuals and the newly upgraded high-definition ones.

The game will be $39.99 and will contain both games on one PlayStation 3 Blu-ray disc. If you pre-order the game, your box will have the words "Limited Edition" written on it, and it will come with an art-book with assorted concept art from the early development phases of the game.

The game is set for release this year, though an exact release date has not yet been outlined. We're still waiting to learn more about the Vita version of the game. It's been shown in the past, but we haven't received official confirmation of its North America release just yet.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Looking good. I'm glad they're not charging the normal $60 for this though. As a Final Fantasy fan I'll have to grab this up. They forgot to throw in how the games look under PCSX2 a PS2 emulator for the PC. Much better then the new PS3 re-textures.

  • I'm very excited for this, I hope they can do this with FF 12(even though it looked really good anyway for the PS2).

  • My favorite final fantasy. Please change the awful dubbing for Titus(that's all I want).

  • ff 6 was the best one people,both story wise and character wise, the only reason most people don't agree is because "it's pixels?...ewww"
  • The colors look all washed out.  Games from last era relied on the fuzzy effect of SD TVs to not look sterile.  Without it they look strange, especially in a simple graphic update with no extra effort.  I have no desire to play ths again either way but for my money the old look is better.

  • Hope that this caliber of upgrade is what we see from remakes from no on.

  • Dude. It looks SO much cleaner. All these HD updates that Squeenix are doing makes me want to buy a PS3, but with the PS4 coming out, I don't know if I should get it now, or wait for the PS4.

  • Nothing will beat the HD overhaul that 343i did to Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary... this just looks like a waste...

  • One of my top games of all time, and still watching those cutscenes am blown away. Cant wait for that, and hopefully it wil be one of the first titles to get the gaikai streaming on ps4.

  • I think when people do remakes they should rework the graphics completely, like Ducktales, Wind Waker HD, and Halo Anniversary. Otherwise, it doesn't look right and it's just a quick way for developers to make cash. When you compare this remake to Wind Waker HD, it's kinda sad. Wind Waker didn't really need a graphics boost, since it's stylized graphics aged well, but since they did it the new one looks absolutely beautiful. This... just looks...