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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

New Trailer For Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Nearly two years ago, Square Enix took the stage at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference and announced that it would be remastering Final Fantasy X in HD. We still don’t have details on an official release date, but we do have a new trailer.

Remastered versions of both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will be bundled together for a PS3 release, and they will be available separately for PlayStation Vita later this year.

What might this mean for a Final Fantasy VII remake down the road?

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  • I WANT!!!!!!
  • I want a release date already!

  • RELEASE THE DATES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is it just me, or I am the only one kinda pissed off at SquareEnix for going multiplatform with FFXV(VS XIII) and KH3!?
  • X-2 was a surprisingly good game, if you could get past the grrrl power, "pretty princess dress-me-up" trappings. I'm glad it's getting the HD treatment with X. I'll be picking this set up for sure.
  • Cool.

  • They couldn't have re-recorded those voice tracks?
  • Sounds cool.

  • Did they just spoil quite a bit of the plot? I know this is an 11 year old game, but there are probably a lot of people who haven't played it.
  • gah sweetbox..use Koda Kumi!

  • According to GameStop's website it can be preordered now and it is set to release September 10 this year.
  • Kinda wish they would've given more of a release date than "2013".

  • Perhaps my favorite FF game of all time (VIII was amazing too, yes, I'm one of the few who loved it). I loved the Sphere Grid system and played through it again earlier this year. I don't see where the graphics were all that bad in the first place, but it will allow a new generation to experience it.
  • Another classic that got away from me, I've heard great things.
  • "What might this mean for a Final Fantasy VII remake down the road?"

    Probably not much. This is an HD remaster, not a remake. A full on remake would involve much more time, money, and effort. Obviously, I'd like to see it, but I feel like something like this and a FFVII remake are worlds apart in terms of development.
  • Lookin' great as ever. How 'bout a release date, Square?

  • I loved this game. This was the game that showed me that a video game can tell you a story that can rival even film and literature. It was the first game that forced me to actually care about the characters in the story, and through the hours of wandering Spira, I developed a very real emotional attachment to very fictional characters. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

    Also, X-2 was terrible </3

  • My favorite FF besides FF7, I WILL BE PLAYING THIS!!!

  • Really looking forward to this--wish there was a release date!

  • Whenever this is released I'm getting it without hesitation. ^_^

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