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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

A Look At Square's Revamped MMO In Action

Unless you speak Japanese, you won't be able to understand the voiceovers, but this is still the longest trailer we've seen for the game yet.

The video is done in such a way that you can usually tell what's going on even with the language barrier.

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  • I could announce myself as first but id'e rather not. How many Final Fantasy games are there anyway?
  • Im pretty pumped for this not gonna lie. Add me on PSN if you want to play together! :)
  • Isn't there like an open beta coming for this soon?
  • Looking good.

  • This game has the most intricate character creation options I have ever seen in a game. More than Skyrim even. I mean... IRIS SIZE?! REALLY?! The gameplay is pretty fun too. I just don't know if I can stomach that 15 buck monthly sub fee...
  • Mod
    This is impressive. I like how they describe the job attainment system. It's as I expected.
  • the look at the combat was too brief... and it doesnt runs well in my computer ( even thought i got beta keys for the closed one last month. couldnt try combat, and the loading screens for me were real long. ) i wish i could give it a better look. but judging by the waters now... i'll stay where i am.
  • The game looks good.

  • What is up with mmo's and dragons? That seems to b the big theme lately
  • No thanks.

  • that's more like it!

  • This game is great! Can't wait til the open beta and early access!
  • For you people wondering if your P.C. can run it effectively. Head over to


    Then download the Official Benchmark. (On the right.)

    It will tell you if your system can run it by having your system go through BEAUTIFUL cinematics. Afterwards it will give you a score for your system, and even let you save the settings it recommends.

    Another cool thing is it will let you create your character, which you can save and then carry it over to the game.

    Here is my score and results

    Hope that helps all that are wondering.
  • They really seem to have breathed new life into the game. I'll wait until I hear about it after release to decide whether I want to purchase it or not, but it sure is looking like a MMO that just might be able to hold my attention past level 20. Generally that's when I get bored in others.

  • I just can't play MMOs with this kind of combat anymore. Played the beta in the last phase and was incredibly bored. I really wanted to like it but it just couldn't hold my attention. Oh well...I'm sure plenty of people will like it it's just not for me.
  • I can't lie, I REALLY wanna play this game but the MAJOR flaw in it is the monthly price to keep playing. I recently checked it out and I think it's like $12.00ish, don't get me wrong, all MMORPG games charge you but I'd much prefer it if they only charge you once to create a single character whom you'll upgrade as time goes on. It's a real shame...the graphics and gameplay look INCREDIBLE... :'(
  • I played in the Phase 3 beta on PS3 and had a GREAT time. I'm really looking forward to this. But how can people get upset about the subscription fee? The game will be better off for it and you won't be locked behind a pay wall or at a disadvantage to those that shell out a lot of dough.
  • This is a really good game. I really enjoyed it I'm beta. My only concern was the extreme lack of clothing, but they're adding more when the game actually comes out. I'm dreading upgrading that HDD of mine ...
  • This doesn't look half bad. I may hop into it.

  • Why is the retail versions cost more $?

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