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FF XIV Good idea or Bad idea?

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  • Do you think Final Fantasy XIV is a good idea for Square-Enix in the long run and will the game be good? Personally I'm a little skeptical about another MMORPG from the gang but I have high hopes and I like that it's running on the PS3 as well as the PC.

  • Well, for a game like this, more systems = more people to play with, so that is always a plus.  It's sounding good so far, so long as they don't do the "camp this spot for 6 hours trying to kill a named mob for a small chance to drop a sligh upgrade pretty much required but good luck tagging it because most servers don't ping well to US subscribers so you will never have a chance" kinda of thing again.  Aside from that... I'm game!

  • im on the same boat of if its good to have another mmorpg i really dont know many people that play the first. but if it plays well and improves on the flaws in XI then im in for it

  • It all depends on soloability in my book.  I like to do things myself cause most the time everyone wants to do something else.  Its hard to find someone wanting to do the same thing you are without having to sit in Whitegate or Jeuno /shouting " CoP Mission 1-3 {members} @ 2/6 need DD WHM.  /tell (insert name) if interested "  for hours.  that is a huge waste of my time that I could have be doing something else like NM camping which sucks cause it too takes hours for these SoB's to spawn.  Just to see your time waiting was for nothing when the Item you wanted didn't drop.  That is if you got claim on the NM cause there is usually 2 or more ppl camping the same NM.  This was very true for Leaping Lizzy.  I got lucky while leveling Dancer one day and thought I had just attacked a normal lizard when in fact I attacked her lol.  managed to stay alive with Drain Samba.  

  • Way too early to say. However, I feel a tight, guided narrative with emotional resonance is key to a good Final Fantasy, and that is of course not possible within the huge framework of an MMO. I'd love it if we get to that point, but we're not there yet.

  • I agree about playing solo. With a lot of mmo's I want to do it alone, but am forced to play what everyone else is. Of course it's supposed to be multiplayer, but I like to be able to do it myself. My hope is that the game is miraculously as good as WoW was in it's prime days but with more solo things.

  • I'm not an MMO fan, so IMO a non MMO would have been better. Also it would likely be more successful, I think.

  • I actually think this one will exceed the popularity of Final Fantasy XI, since the Internet is so much easier to set up on the PlayStation 3 than the PlayStation 2.

    Come to think of it, I don't recall of anyone I know ever connecting their PS2 to the Internet. If there were to be a reason, it is likely because of the fact that it was hard to set up. Not only that, they probably didn't even know it was possible in the first place.

    Lastly, there were barely any games other than FFXI to make connecting to the Internet worth it in the first place!

    That is why I'm expecting much more success for this game than FFXI, although I don't play MMORPG's. :-)

  • I'm not a fan of MMORPG's.  For me personally, it defeats the purpose. To each their own

  • I'm definatly excited. I'm eating up as much news about it as i can. A few months back i quit FFXI due to a few reasons. Real life and in game friends quitting, and not having enough time to commit. So yes, Square Enix saying they will be more time and user friendly is certainly welcome. And regarding the posts of a few people above me, it shouldnt be too top heavy in Solo or Multiplayer gameplay. There should be a wide variety of options depending on your mood and time restraints for that particular day. Cant Wait. See you there.

  • Its not a good idea, its an awesome idea, its going to make Square Enix money and many gamers happy, can't friggin wait!

  • I am eager to get my hands on this one as well.  Final Fantasy XI was one of the greatest experiances that I have had in gaming.  A friend turned me on to the MMO which was a new genre for me.  I had to give it up after almost three years of playing because it was extremely time consuming.  The posts before hit the nail on the head about having to wait around shouting for help, or keeping your search flag up for a good party for three hours before actually being able to gain XP.  In my case, it grew extremely difficult after taking my main character, a taru-taru, and leveling Samurai.  People didn't want a taru Samurai, and so the waiting grew from long periods of time, to even longer periods of time.  The NM camping was tough because you were never usually guaranteed the drop and you were always seemingly battling another waiting for the monster to pop.  I definately believe they should implement more options for those who don't have all day to setup a good xp party, or gather 40+ members of the linkshell for a 4+hr linkshell event.  Aside from these things, when you had time to play, the game was greatly rewarding.  You could take pride in the fact that it was tough to level your character to 75 or bolster that nice piece of equipment that everyone keeps checking out as you pass by.  The game was a great experience for me but I truly hope they make this title more time friendly.  I'm pretty sure it will not be free to play, and I hope they will also make cross platforming available as I'm leaning towards the PS3 version and I have many friends that will play on PC.  My attention is on it and I hope Square Enix delivers a masterpiece to all of us.

  • Final fantasy is great, but afer number 14, maybe square enix needs to accept that final fantasy was a great series, and just don't milk it for all it has

  • I love the Final Fantasy series and hope Square continues to make these games.  The original series installments are always of the utmost quality and I look forward to them unlike anything else in gaming.  However, I do not like MMORPGs.  I thought FFX and XII were the best RPGs ever made, but I skipped over XI the same way I will skip over XIV.

  • well, SE has put  A LOT of emphasis on the ability to do something fun and meaningful if you're playing by yourself,  or if you only have a short time to play. It seems like every interview and on the website they talk about the solo-ability. And i have to get that dang leaping lizzy too! She's a tricky little beast.

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