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why you gonna break my heart?

FFXIV...what an epic stab to my hopes and dreams.  If this game has slipped under your radar then congratulate yourself on a travesty averted.  Here is why....

Visuals- let's start on a high note...This is a final fantasy game, as such it is gorgeous.  A potential world you could fall in love with.  Everything is gorgeous and inviting, the sun shines warm and bright.

The game play on the other hand, is an atrocious mess; the grind reminds me more of a Korean grinder than anything else.  The world sparsely populated by monsters, and the missions uneven (by missions i meant guild leves).  Overpopulation of players threatens to kill off what little wild life there is.  This in itself would not be a killer for me. But there just isn't anything to do...

The crafting system bears no explanation. and good luck figuring it out.

Worst of all crimes, is server stability and constant memory leakage.  I could if I were lucky, play about 5 minutes before horrid lag would take over and destroy what little joy may be squeezed out of this soul-less abomination.  After the lag it would smooth out, unless I was disconnected from the server, in which case...5 minutes and the lag would hit...

I had high hopes for this game, considering the stellar performance of FFXI online, but alas our relationship was not meant to be..



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