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Final Fantasy XIII

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  • My boyfriend and I just bought the game yesterday and although the graphics are absolutely goregous and the story it self is great .....sadly to say ..the game play sucks. lol Well to be fair I suppose it only sucks for the gamers who enjoy rpg for the limitless exploring and freedom. Okay here are FIVE reasons why we wish we never bought Final Fantasy 13 ..but before I begin I thought I should mention something. For all of you Die Hard Final Fantasy fanatics ...don't bother reading this any further. Instead, why don't you go to this link and read the positive things about the game. ;] http://www.xboxist.com/xbox-360/news/five-things-we-love-about-final-fantasy-xiii-012253.php  See ya & happy gaming! ^_^

    k.. for those of you with cynical hearts and critical eyes, listen up! They've slowly taken away every bit of content the series had until we're just left with claustrophobic battles and cutscenes.......

    1) Linearity
    It's very difficult to get lost or miss important items, something that the designers undoubtedly thought would appeal to mentally challenged gamers. But RPGs are supposed to be about the adventure and exploring every crevice of an interesting new world. Turning off the minimap is a good idea for gamers who want to retain some of that sense of exploration, but it doesn't entirely remove the overriding sensation that there is only one clear path through the game.

    2) Lack of 'Towns'
    Ye olde towne has always played an important role in traditional RPG games. This is where your characters find shelter from the relentless barrage of random encounters, gather information about where to go next, interact with NPCs in often humorous ways and stock up on supplies. Sadly, in FFXIII the venerable town is reduced to a shop that can be accessed at any save point. This is such a bummer considering that a few well-populated towns along the way could have provided more opportunities to break the linearity a bit and offer the player some side quests to accept or refuse. We contend that you can't make a good RPG while neglecting towns and we think this is one place that Square Enix messed up.

    3) No mini-games: There are no arena battles, no Blitz-ball, no Card Battles, none of that stuff on the side that can be a nice break from the main plotline. With fans devoting themselves to minutia of past games' mini-games, this is a big, infuriating change.

    4) Little equipment: You’re not going to find a huge variety of weapons in Final Fantasy XIII and there is no armor at all, so if gearing up is your passion, you’re going to be hating on this game--There’s just not a lot of stuff to purchase. There are items that you can use to level up the weapons that you do have, but not a lot of weapon variety, another huge change from previous gear-heavy FF games.

    5) Automatic HP restore
    Unlike in other games, a character's HP is automatically restored after every battle, and therefore restorative items can only be used when players are in combat. This gameplay decision removes a key element of challenge from the experience, as each battle becomes a standalone experience, bereft of consequence for the management of the party. We miss the thrill we've gotten from more difficult sections in other RPGs, where an unlucky string of random enemy encounters could reduce our party to desperate straits. Scrounging for potions and other restorative items has always been a big part of RPGs, for better or worse. We appreciate why Square Enix wanted to move things forward, but it would be nice if they found a way to maintain the sense of continuity and danger from one fight to the next.

  • I think you got it almost right on the nose. FF13 is too quick and easy. That and I personally find the soundtrack uninspiring and kind of bland. I miss Nobuo Uematsu.

  • i agree with some points. But there are a few errors in analysis.

    1) Towns~its pretty difficult to be a fugitive and just wander into a town expecting to talk to people and such. THEY ALL WANT YOU DEAD, as you see in Palum Polum.

    2) Minigames~i love minigames, and ff13 has plenty (bhakti, cie'th stones, Scrap processing, Chocobo digging). They all may not be the classic, mainstream minigames that the older versions had, but they are there.

    3)Equipment~once you get transformational catalysts and 4 accessory slots, you can start talking about equipment, they can level up, change forms(twice for each weapon, making there a total of 144 weapons and 100+ different accesories), and combine for killer synthesized abilities(vamp strike, auto-haste, auto-stagger)

    4) Automatic HP restore~late in the game of many final fantasy titles after EVERY fight, unless you were a god, you had to heal up, or you wouldnt survive the next fight, or you wouldnt survive the suprising boss fight in the next map. Enix fixes this time consuming problem with auto-restore.

    Think before you bash a great game. It's storyline (because the are ticking time-bombs set to go off in a few weeks or so) dictates liniarity, towns, and minigames. They have to make the storyline move in order to keep up with the other titles, many games that were amazing earlier on, if remade, would not sell on this market simply because they cannot hold your attention. This game is a step in the right direction for final fantasy and I believe that FFXIII Versus (based on what i've heard) is supposed to take the good in FFXIII and the worldlyness of past titles, and combine them.

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