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Hmmm.....wat is GI thinking?

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  • I fail to see how a game that redefines JRPG and has so many amazing qualities to it(though there are some bad ones too..) is a worse game than GOW3. What does GOW do that is different than the last GOW? Or even the first one? It's the same game in a new package with better visuals and a crappier storyline. Where does it outperform FFXIII?

    It's a hack and slash with a linear storyline to go along with it. And when I say linear, I mean there is a very limited amount that you can do outside of what the storyline deals with. FFXIII offers char. development in terms of both skills/power and personality. GOW does not only limit development to certain plot points, but it only allows you to unlock combos. I'm tired of this obvious favoritism GI offers to certain games. MW2 did nothing to deserve a higher score than MAG when all it did was improve upon COD4 and bring more bugs. At least MAG brought 256 player matches to the table along with an amazing tactical combat experience that I hoped to get from Modern Warfare but didn't.

    I say there needs to be standards by which all games that are judged by the GI staff are held up too without blatant favoritism. Joe Juba talks all this crap about judging a game by its merits but fails to do so with several games he's recently reviewed(MAG, FFXIII, MW2, GOW3). How about he takes some of his own advice and look at these games from a non-biased perspective.

  • hi

  • It's battle system set the series in a new direction it was fast paced and made it much more intense in my opinion.

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