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  • I'm sorry to say it but Final Fantasy 13 is the best final fantasy since final fantasy 10. Why? Because it feels like final fantasy unlike ff11 and ff12 which were both garbage mainly because of their crappy battle systems. FF13 Returns the series to a turn based system however tweaked to allow players to chain attacks. You may argue that it does not fell like final fantasy. Well what does a final fantasy game feel like? if you ask me it feels like final fantasy 4, Traditional turn based RPG combat, cool characters, vehicles, a world map, and an awesome story. What final fantasys were like that? well there was 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Those final fantasy's followed a standard that was virtually unchanged though each was unique in it's own way and of course advanced in graphics with each edition. When FF10 came along it was the beginning of a metamorphesis within the series in which charactors actually spoke, and progression in the game was quite liner as there was no world map for you to travel to different places on (that is until the end of the game when you get the airship but it's still not the same because you would just move a pointer on the map and select where you wanted to go instead of physically flying the ship to the location as could be done in previous Final Fantasys) it was also the first Final Fantasy that did not allow you to rename your characters. You see when final fantasy 11 came along it was online so it essentially does not count and i still argue to this day that it should not have been numbered. 12 was just an offline version of 11 and was garbage absolute garbage though the story was decent. So the point i'm tring to make is that 13 is the logical next step after 10 and is therefore the best one since 10 and even share many similarities with one another that I really don't want to get into right now. As for that review I agree with most of it however the only ones that are dissapointed are those who were expecting some crowning gem of a game that would top final fantasy 7 however, if you thought that then your a fool. I however got exactly if not more than what i wanted because all i really wanted was for the series to return to a truly turn based system of combat and it did.  

  • ok man final fantasy is overrated its like the really tough looking creature or character that turns out is actually really weak and overrated well thats what final fantasy is stupid and overrated but dont get me wrong i liked the older ones then it went to this sci-fi crap theres just too many of them it makes me absolutely sick

  • I havent complete the game just yet but what i have played, its a really good game.  worth the time and effort to spend 40+ hours on it.

  • I love Final Fantasy myself. Like... I f%#@in love it. But there is no way ever ever ever that this could be considered the best Final Fantasy. Its a great game don't get me wrong. Its frakkin beautiful. A final fantasy without the most basic elements.. which are in my opinion.. TOWNS.. and A WORD MAP WITH TOWNS.. just falls flat. I like the battle system. It's just too *** linear! I'm sorry but when you start to feel a lot like you're walking in a bee line to the ending then you start to get the feeling that Square is beginning to forget what this game used to be about.

  • Sure the combat in XII was new to the series but as far as story X was not the best I will agree the FFXIII has the best story so far but its close for me because XII and VI boath had really good stories anyway its my oppinion and everyone has there favorites

  • All I have to say is that at least FFXII had way more side quests/extra missions/ content in general compared to FFXIII. I'm sorry, but even the super slick battle system doesn't make up for the fact that you have little to no content after the game is over (especially if you did most of the hunts before returning to Cocoon, like I did), and absolutely no towns to explore (which, considering exploring towns and talking to NPCs was a huge part of FF, kind of sucks. Would you rather have FFX without Besaid, or FFVII without Midgard to explore? I don't think so....).

    Until I get some serious DLC (I mean, like 20+ new hunts, new summons, and sidequests, etc) I can't honestly say this is better than the FFs that came before it. Perhaps the battle system and graphics are better, but in terms of content and storyline, this is all nothing new. In fact, they may have actually taken a step backwards in many regards.


        its kinda hard to put  all of the extra things from the older final fantasy games into this one, simply because the story doesn't allow that. Everyone complains that you cannot visit towns on a 'world map': its pretty darn difficult to walk into a town where everyone in the world would love to see your head on a spit. Also, people complain about little side quests: the director of the game says on XPlay the the game is almost strictly story based, because the L'Cie have a...oh wait, only like two weeks to complete their focus. I'm sure they would have loved to have played chocobo hot/cold in Chocobo's Air Garden for weeks like Zidane gets to in FF9. it comes down to how sidequests can fit with the story and the story doesnt allow much wandering.

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