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Final Fantasy XIII

Getting To Know Your Heroes

With Final Fantasy XIII only months away from its Japanese release, the gaming world will soon be full of facts regarding the long-anticipated title. While gamers wait patiently for the deluge of details, these profiles can help you familiarize yourself with the key characters and where they stand when the story begins. This is just a small slice of the undoubtedly larger cast, but it’s something to hold you over until the game’s North American release next spring.



Name: Lightning
Weapon: Bladed Gun
Background: Lightning is a former soldier who now fights against the government she used to defend. She is a powerful warrior, using her speed and acrobatic prowess to her advantage. She seems aloof when dealing with others, and makes calculated decisions.
Random Fact: When she summons the eidolon Odin, she is able to ride his giant horse while attacking.

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