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  • Blog Post: Finally Final Fantasy XIII rating!

    Wow, so I know it's REALLY old news about the game, but for a while, I wasn't able to write a proper review for the game (for some reason, my browser wasn't showing the "Write a Review" link). I wrote a short blog about it, but whatever, let's get down to the review. I'll... More
  • Blog Post: An intriguing world and story,with a love story,visuals that are beautiful and both realistic and artistic and a great new battle system that makes boss battles more exciting than ever.

    The Final Fantasy series is my favorite video game series of all time.Final Fantasy XIII had been in development for over 5 years and millions of RPG fans all over the world were keenly awaiting it's release since the Final Fantasy series is one of the most popular RPG series and is also one of the... More
  • Blog Post: It's Final Fantasy, but not as we know it.

    For years now, Final Fantasy has been one of the big players in the Japanese game market. Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior for you yanks across the pond) and Phantasy Star were the early contenders in the home-console RPG market, with more competition coming out once things moved into the 16 bit era. Now... More
  • Blog Post: Boring!

    Boring! That’s the short version for this review. I really can’t understand why so many people defend this game. People say it has an amazing story; complex and fun combat system, one of the most engaging games on the shelves. While it is extremely pretty that is all it has going for it.... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy but In the 21st Century

    Final Fantasy XIII I know a lot of fans and gamers say this game isn't Final Fantasy material. But that's their opinon, mines is quite the opposite I bought this game late 2012 to present 2013. And I gotta say I love this game less frustrating than the other Final Fantasy games. I played Final... More
  • Blog Post: Not a great Final Fantasy expierence

    First off, I have to say this is maybe my sixth final fantasy game I have played and one of the couple I actually completed. Out of those final fantasy games, this story just flat out sucked. I hated all the characters, I didn't like the world, the summons were retarded, I actually gave up on gathering... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing

    I am in love with this game, as my first official entry to the FF universe i feel this is a great game. I still haven't battled the final boss, but what i've seen so far, is amazing. I've seen the differences between the PS3 edition, and the 360 edition, and while certain elements of the... More
  • Blog Post: The Heroes Never Die

    Final Fantasy XIII is a powerhouse of excellence that works on almost every level and is my personal favorite for the entire series with a stellar story,combat,graphics,and sound. This game has a huge change to the series by being largely linear through the story. The game has few weak points and they... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XIII's review game

    Final Fantasy XIII have a beautiful orchestral music and beautiful graphics. Final Fantasy XIII is the first game of PS3 and 360, so don't worry if you play 12 of Final Fantasy because each Final Fantasy have a different stories, and the main characters.Final Fantasy XIII is set within the world... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XIII XBOX 360 Review

    Okay, first thing's first: This game is BEAUTIFUL. Like Joe said, it stands among the best looking games of all time. Also, this does have really good voice acting. The characters sound like actual beings, not just stiff things that talk. But, there is a catch; the story. Now, don't get me wrong... More
  • Blog Post: Finaly Fantasy 13 review

    The first thing I would like to note about Final Fantasy 13 is that the graphics are amazing. Whenever you see a custcene in this game it looks like a crystal clear movie. The in game graphics are also at the same level of the cutscenes in the game. There are so many enimes in the game that fight differently... More
  • Blog Post: I liked it, but I can see why a lot of people did not...

    I am looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII-2, and a solid predecessor is a large reason why... Final Fantasy XIII, much like, at least IMHO, Final Fantasy X-2, is not a Final Fantasy for everyone. In fact, it's probably an attempt to introduce the Final Fantasy paradigm to a whole new legion of fans... More
  • Blog Post: Awesome

    I have been putting off getting this game for a long time now. I finally picked it up yesterday along with Uncharted 2. Well I can't seem to take Final Fantasy out of my PS3 because i'm so hooked on this game. I have not even played a Final Fantasy game since NES/SNES days. I strongly think everyone... More
  • Blog Post: Great story

    I love games that are all about the story and FF13 just keeps the series alive with another great in-depth story. I don't really care what the battles are like in the Final Fantasy games like so many other people, I just care about what happens to the characters. More
  • Blog Post: exceptional rpg with breathtaking visuals

    Im a big fan of rpgs especially the Final Fantasy series and when I got FF XIII I thought it would have the usual stuff with some editions well some parts of the game thats true but as for rest I was very suprised. I'll start with the story as it deals with six people as they become cursed by some... More
  • Blog Post: I've recommended this game to everyone I know...

    Let me start off by saying I have never truly gotten into one of the Final Fantasy games, until this one. The storyline was a bit confusing at first until I took the time to read through my whole datalog, then everything started to make sense. The storyline is unique and at every cut scene I'm always... More
  • Blog Post: Game Over... continue? Final Fantasy XIII

    I love role playing games. My favorite game of all time may well be Dragon Warrior on the Nintendo. It was a completely new experience for me at such a young age... I was totally obsessed with it. In a roundabout way, it's the reason I'm such a gamer today. Then Final Fantasy came along and took... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy 13 good, but still a let down

    Let me start this off with stating that I am really a big final fantasy fan. I shed a tear at Aerith'sdeath in Final Fantasy VII and have purchase Advent Children 3 different times. But, FFXIII doesn't live up to legend of Final Fantasy. The story is linear and you seems to just run from one... More
  • Blog Post: A great RPG that doesn't live up to its incredibly high expectations

    When Final Fantasy XIII was first revealed, fans of the series were hoping it would correct many of the problems they saw in Final Fantasy XII. Many complained that Final Fantasy XII was too complex and its large world was unnecessarily big. Well, Final Fantasy XIII does aim to fix these complaints,... More
  • Blog Post: First nex gen fantasy

    This game is not that bad.I know all the emo gay stuff in the game........ you can go past that. There also some slow game play but it's quite good. One thing for sure the game is long but thats rpg's for ya. But this is a must buy with great graphics and fun story and great ending. This game... More
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