Final Fantasy XIII

I know a lot of fans and gamers say this game isn't Final Fantasy material. But that's their opinon, mines is quite the opposite I bought this game late 2012 to present 2013. And I gotta say I love this game less frustrating than the other Final Fantasy games. I played Final Fantasy X so Iam no noob and I didn't quite got far due to frustration but I had fun playing Yuna and Tidus and the gang. But In Final Fantasy XIII you at least have something the other fantasies did not had, health that regenerates after a battle that keeps money in your pockets as well one less frustrating thing to worry about. Graphics are pretty well done it, feels like the real deal as well gameplay well its a 8.5/ 9 not too perfect by the lack of summoning one character summons a certain ediolon only one of course I don't complain hardly use those eidolons because of the tp gauge being pretty much short now that's an upset. Story was pretty confusing to me I thought I was going to know what happen to Serah first but it was opposite starting with Lightning and the others finding Serah before its "too late."  So story wise its mix at first but as you progress the story comes together bit by bit. The characters were very intresting and I was trying to figure out what Vanille was hiding, Lightning was my new fav, good for once to have a women whose independent and not frail and weak unlike other video games show the female race at times, Hope was pretty annoying me though lol but he was a strong kid later on which I'm happy he did, pretty much characters have to face their fears, lies, fate, and regret in this game. Overall this game isn't perfect but its fun to me and less annoying I didn't regret wasting my birthday money on this and Final Fantasy XIII-2, true FF fans who don't care of change get it and play it don't let other people bad reviews scare you. I'm not a professional reviewer neither but Iam the one who give games chances and see others play it then decide weather I want it or not and I got mines with no issue : )

Like pets. To them, we are just pets. That's it. Now it makes sense. I've been so blind. I was born into a fal'Cie world, raised on a fal'Cie leash. It was the only life I know how to live. When it was taken from me, I was completely lost. Without a master to follow - my life had no purpose. -Lightning to Hope