First off, I have to say this is maybe my sixth final fantasy game I have played and one of the couple I actually completed. Out of those final fantasy games, this story just flat out sucked. I hated all the characters, I didn't like the world, the summons were retarded, I actually gave up on gathering the last couple of trophies, and the crystarium leveling made me almost want to kill myself but I did finish it.
In every final fantasy game I have played, there is maybe few of the main character's to like. Sadly, in this game, Vanille was annoying, Snow was also annoying, Lightning was a cocky b****, I can't put Sazh in a category since he was a useless character, Fang's accent, do I need to say more, and Hope was noisy. Each character was not for me, even during the battles.. Sazh took forever to do his commands, Fang was the same, Vanille was annoying "Oh yeah~" seriously, Lightning took forever to use cure, Hope's health was low, but I liked him the best because he was fast and the strongest in using magic, and Snow was worthless even his weapon was worthless. I also didn’t like how each character was forced onto me in the game.
The world is beautiful; I can't say anything bad about it. It's the fact that I have to follow a f***ing path, who's bright idea was that? Isn't Final Fantasy known for exploring the worlds? There were no towns and really nothing to explore. If I had to choose, my favorite place in the game it would be Oreba only because it's visually stunning.
There were a few enemy designs that were neat, for instance, the different behemoths. It wasn’t fun fighting the same boss, Barthandelus, over and over again. Even his lines were stupid and didn’t seem original. The summons were actually dumb, creative, but dumb. Is it every man's dream to sit on two ladies that have transformed into a motorcycle? Each summon was more of a transformer and they weren’t impressive at all. Even getting the summons was a difficult series of annoying fights that I would have gladly have skipped if given the choice.
The battle system was mind blowing. Seeing how every character was able to move around than stay in simple formation was awesome. There were times I was able to get Lightning behind an enemy like the Juggernaut which helped a lot in those fights. The Paradigm Shift cut scenes were dumb and pointless, when you're in the midst of a long battle the last thing you need are annoying cut scenes that get in the way, the fact that enemies still attack the player while the characters perform the cut scenes was just stupid, what was the point in that, and leaving the player basically helpless, unless timed right, was not cool.
The story was the most disappointing part of the game. Each character had something to complain about and hearing it throughout the entire story was horrible. It was boring with an average save the world cliché, where a group of people band together and save the world! Though I did enjoy the ending, it was cute. The trophies didn't make it much better, yeah they added to the story but there was no way I was going to keep fighting a Long Gui for a rare item.
Overall this game was fun to the point. Aside from the complaining, annoying set of characters, the linear play through, sorry storyline; it is enjoyable for the first, maybe, five hours. I really don’t recommend it to first time Final Fantasy players, but if you are a die hard Final Fantasy fan be my guest, just be prepared to be disappointed.