Final Fantasy XIII is a powerhouse of excellence that works on almost every level and is my personal favorite for the entire series with a stellar story,combat,graphics,and sound.  This game has a huge change to the series by being largely linear through the story. The game has few weak points and they do show but not often. 

Story [Spoiler Alarm Activated]

The story follow the adventure of 6 people[Their names in best to worst fashion[Lightning,Fang,Snow,Hope,Sazh,and Vanille]]. It is my personal favorite among video games. After being branded a L,cie, A human with the the ability to cast magic but must complete a task within a time limit or be turned into a monster and if they do they are turned into a crystal statue. The characters are believable and succeed in their roles. The game has few sidecharacters but they are great. The story move slowly to start but it picks up around the end and it works the best there. The games ending is a bit strange but is awesome in the last moments.My only problem with the story is that the characters never really develop 


The game's combat revolves around a fast quickly changing battlefield. Like previous battle systems you use three characters that have ATB Gauges that fill up over time and empty when use actions this is simple at first when you only have 2 abilities but gets complicated when you introduce paradigms' A class system that lets you change your classes in battle on the fly. Need to heal? Shift to a bunch of medics. Need to deal some damage? Shift to some ravagers and commandos. Even Though there are only six classes you can use them to great extent by shifting constantly. The other major addition to the battle system is the stagger meter, When hit with attacks the enemies stagger meter fills and you do more damage as it builds up and once it is full you stagger the enemy,causing hits to stun and deal large amounts of damage. The exploration has been reduced a large amount due to the fact that this is a linear game but you do get to do some exploring around chapter nine which is a great break from the main story and there are some sidequests in the form of monster hunting around the same time,There isn't much else though.


         This games graphics stand out amongst all other games and is one of the  most beautiful games ever made.The character models are great and the world is fantastic. 


One of the greatest soundtracks in games. The excellent voice acting [With the exception of Vanille] makes the characters great.

The End

I admit that Final Fantasy has always been my favorite series but this game stands out among them in a different way then others do. If you are looking for a RPG and your not sure, Give this game a try.