Final Fantasy XIII have a beautiful orchestral music and beautiful graphics. Final Fantasy XIII is the first game of PS3 and 360, so don't worry if you play 12 of Final Fantasy because each Final Fantasy have a different stories, and the main characters.Final Fantasy XIII is set within the world of Gran Pulse. Central to the story is Cocoon, a massive artificial sphere that floats above Pulse's surface and is ruled by Sanctum, a theocratic government. The two worlds are controlled by fal'Cie, beings with godlike power. The fal'Cie have the capability of marking the humans that live in Pulse and Cocoon as their servants is called I'Cie. The story is fantastic and romantic about all the characters. The six main playable characters are Lightning, the main protagonist of the game, a former soldier and older sister to Serah; Snow, Serah's fiancee; Vanille, the game narrator and an exile who is later revealed to be a I'Cie from Pulse; Sazh, a civilian pilot and father to a young boy, Dajh; Hope, a young boy who is struggling within the relationships he shares with his parents; and Fang, a I'Cie from Pulse who is working with Sanctum's Cavalry branch. Final Fantasy XIII is an RPG and strategy game and the Battle System is great. You can only choose three characters to battle. You can explore Gran Pulse until you beat this game except Cocoon but you cannot explore all chapters if you not beat this game.