Im a big fan of rpgs especially the Final Fantasy series and when I got FF XIII I thought it would have the usual stuff with some editions well some parts of the game thats true but as for rest I was very suprised. I'll start with the story as it deals with six people as they become cursed by some deity and have to defeat a powerful monster before they become monsters themselves yeah not the best way to describe it but thats what it is but the story deals more with the characters and their personnel goals and struggles as they go through this part of their lives. The gameplay in FFXIII is unlike any other FF gam you still  get into battles and choose commands like attack, magic, run this game uses something that runs a little more smoothly now that you only control the party leader and with the paradigm system. The paradigm system lets you change your party's current classes to better suit the flow of battle, for example your fighter could switch to a spell caster or your healer could switch to a blocker. It takes some getting used to but when you figure it all out it'll be as easy as cutting a cake with the gunblade. Like in FF XII there are no random battles you see the enemy but when you fight you go to a different area for fighting like the old FF games. The visuals in FF XIII has to be one of the best I've ever seen in a video game, the cutscenes are just stunning as everything has been crafted to the smallest detail right down to every characters lock of hair and even on their clothing has a large amount of detail. The cutscenes and the game itself are so alike visually that the transition to the cutscenes is just smooth like as if your playing the game. I like the fact weapons and equipment can be upgraded and dismantled because now this adds a whole new layer of customization of your party. Leveling up in the game has also been changed, instead of getting exp you get crystarium points which you use to level up your party and their job classes in something that looks similar to the sphere grid in FF X but you you only start with the classes the game gives and you only get everything as you play through. The things that I dont like about this game is that if your leader dies even if other members are still alive its game over just like that and you can't go back previous stages of the game, you only go down on straight path that the game laid for you. but these are only minor complaints and dont take away the quality of the game its definate must buy in my book but if your unsure rent it and see what you think about it.