Let me start off by saying I have never truly gotten into one of the Final Fantasy games, until this one. The storyline was a bit confusing at first until I took the time to read through my whole datalog, then everything started to make sense. The storyline is unique and at every cut scene I'm always anxious to learn more and to see what going to happen next. Part of the reason I like the storyline so much is that a lot of it is told in flashbacks by all of the characters. Everything isn't laid out to you once you begin the game, you have to find out what caused this and why this is happening as the game progresses.

        Another thing I love about the game is the fighting and leveling system. I like being able to switch battle strategies by pressing about 2 buttons. In the middle of a battle if I need to go from having 3 tanks, to 1 tank, a buffer, and a healer, it can easily be done. The Chrystarium(Not sure if I spelled that right or not haha) is the system they use for distributing the points you gain as you fight and level. Its really sumple to understand and as you go through the game, each character gains more "branches" to the Chrystarium, giving them more abilities.

        All in all, I find the game very good. Are there minor thing I would change perhaps? Yeah probably, but they're more related to personal preference. If you like RPGs, definitely buy this game, it will give you hours of great storyline, interesting characters, and beautiful scenery.