Let me start this off with stating that I am really a big final fantasy fan. I shed a tear at Aerith'sdeath in Final Fantasy VII and have purchase Advent Children 3 different times. But, FFXIII doesn't live up to legend of Final Fantasy.

The story is linear and you seems to just run from one corridor to the next. But I don't think this really is a problem. So many RPGs have the illusion of freedom without real freedom. So if I am just forced to move only forward I don't mind that much. But the world created seems so full of life that I wish I would have had more freedom to explore the cities and interact with more NPCs.

The story-line is weirder than most with mechanical gods and people turning to crystals.

A good and bad thing are the battles and battle-system. In more battles their is a chance of death. You can't just mash X defeat the baddies. This is fun and challenging but level caps add another and perhaps unnecessarylevel of toughness. The thing with most RPGs is that if you take a direct route in a dungeon to the boos, it will be a challenge. If you can't defeat the boss, simply run around fighting more monsters in the dungeon and level up a little and boss is easier. This is not the case in FF13. Just about every stage has low level cap. So I max my level cap halfway through the stage and then I just have to repeatedly fight the boss until I manage to kill it. This can be very frustrating.

A great thing they did with the characters is how for about half the story the team is split-up. Two or three characters together with different targets. This is a great way to use all the characters. Too often in RPGs some character just don't get used, whether they are not as good or just not as cool.

Overall this is fun challenging RPG, but it does not live up to the final fantasy name nor is it going to user in a new generation of J-RPGs. But still is a worthy purchase.