While this installment of Final Fantasy is certainly well designed, many flaws get in the way of truly enjoying this game. The amazing CGI that the series is known for is still here, but that's almost all the game offers. The story is interesting, but not quite so much as most of its predecessors and the whole game seems to be just "average". For a FF fan, this just won't do. Gameplay seems to be the real issue, as a slow menu system can punish you in battles where speed is emphasized beyond anything else. Outside of battle an awkward camera system can be slightly frustrating at times, although it really doesn't have much of a negative impact. The good aspects of the game shine brightly, however, and make up for the clunky controls. Lush landscapes sprawl out in all directions, giving the player something to really gawk at when things are quiet. Unfortunately the game follows a very linear path and can be very frustrating for those used to a more open world system. The story is intriguing, mysterious, and exciting, but character development can get in the way. Annoying emotional rants and boring back stories really take away from the over all experience. Overall, FFXIII is a great RPG for newcomers to the series but can be a burden on those who have experienced the gems of the genre's many installments.