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Final Fantasy 13 (XIII) Video Review

Here is a quick video review of FF13. It's a little old...but I feel like posting with it! 

  • Your right about the switching characters and all, but its don't deserve a 4!
  • watching this video just made me rate it even higher :P

    wow it was a pretty game *_*

  • This person is completely silly.
    a) The money system is based off of bartering like how settlers would take natural supplies from killing in the wilderness and selling them.
    b) He just doesn't understand the inventory system. It's suppose to be this way.
    c) The motorcycle summon thing is suppose to relate to the industrial, mechanical tone the game sets.
    d) The rich details in the plot are completely astounding. No true gamer should every criticize because of plot.
    e) Lost Odyssey sucks.