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  • Blog Post: My Perspective on Final Fantasy XIII-2

    I have been playing this game for about the past month, with the Japanese version of the game. My only other review for GI has also been for FF, the previous FFXIII. I recently passed XIII-2, so I thought I'd put in my two-bits on this game. Just quickly, overall this game is short. Much shorter... More
  • Blog Post: Just A Spoonful of Sugar

    Another Final Fantasy game that continues off from Final Fantasy XIII. Now I know some of the continuation of the final fantasy games either soar or become eh its good but not good enough. Final Fantasy XIII-2 isn't bad some people just complain about the changes or miss the old series. Advice to... More
  • Blog Post: One of my favorite final fantasy's

    I just finished the game on my PS3. I have played it for nearly 80 hours and have finally gotten every trophy in it and i still want more! The game itself one one of the best Final Fantasy games that Square Enix has released he recently. I love the Final Fantasy games and Square Enix is one of my favorite... More
  • Blog Post: Starting the Year Off With a Bang!

    I feel like the Final Fantasy series has lost a lot of it's power with the fans over the past few years. To many, XIII was a major disappointment and after all the criticism it has received, Square Enix for the second time in FF history, has decided to release a sequel to it's numbered series... More
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