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Night of Champions should have all the potential in the world if it is theoretically about the best in the business, but it will ultimately end up disappointing.

This coming Sunday, all eyes are on the titles and everyone is wondering what's in store.


WWE Creative, meanwhile, seem to only truly care about one thing going on: the WWE Championship and its surrounding feud with Triple H.

Still, every match needs an outcome and its our job to anticipate what's going to happen.

Who will walk out of Night of Champions holding the gold and which wrestlers are leaving with the parting gift of defeat?

Let's break down everything that's about to come our way with WWE's latest pay-per-view.

Night of Champions is going to start off with a bang as five teams compete in a tag team turmoil match to determine who gets a shot at The Shield's titles later on in the evening.

Zeb Colter's Real Americans, Tons of Funk, The Prime Time Players, The Usos and 3MB will all face off in an elimination-style bout for the pre-show.


When you boil it down to the reality of the situation, this is merely a means for WWE to get a Tag Team Championship match on the card without having to put any real effort into it.

Previously, Big Show and Mark Henry were being built up to challenge The Shield, but that fell by the wayside after Henry's injury and a different direction was put in place for Big Show.

Since WWE's been too busy putting all their attention on the Daniel Bryan storyline, they've completely neglected these titles and are resorting to a quick-fix kind of method to remedy the situation.

While that's nothing to applaud, WWE is lucky that this match itself more than likely will be.

Turmoil matches are usually entertaining and having it on the pre-show will create some solid energy heading into the pay-per-view itself.

The crowd should be pumped up after watching this, particularly when a babyface tag team ends up winning.

Between those three face teams, Jimmy and Jey Uso as well as Brodus Clay and Tensai will take a backseat to Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, who I would predict will last eliminate the Real Americans for the victory.


Predicted Winners: The Prime Time Players

Unfortunately, when it comes to their match against The Shield later on in the evening, things will turn out differently.

The Shield has too much going for them as champions whilst being tied up with this new stable.

Despite the newfound push going towards the Prime Time Players, the titles are staying with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

In fact, this match might even end up being booked as a buffer between two more important matches, so don't be too surprised if the pre-show looks like a bigger deal in retrospect.

It really is a shame that the Intercontinental Championship is not being defended on a pay-per-view that was built entirely on the concept of every championship being defended.

The reason why is simple: Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman have to lose this match and WWE would rather not have CM Punk hold the Intercontinental Championship.

If there were any chance that Axel and Heyman could win this match, the title would be on the line as well, but WWE neglected this solely for the purpose of giving the win to Punk.

I would expect this to be a drawn out and rather bland match where Punk spends most of the time wrestling Axel and paying no attention to him.

Instead, Punk will keep trying to get to Heyman, only for Axel to hit him from behind multiple times.

It has the potential to unfortunately be quite boring and in the end, pointless, despite having someone so widely adored as Punk in it.

By the end of this match, Heyman will get his comeuppance and this feud will be done, with Punk standing on top and hopefully moving on to better things.

The Divas Championship will be defended in a Fatal 4-Way match that puts three members of the Total Divas cast in the spotlight with the best thing going in women's wrestling today, AJ Lee.

Most people like to put down the Divas no matter what the situation is, but this could be actually one of the sleeper best matches of the night.

The realist in me is saying that AJ will retain the title after capitalizing on something Natalya does to Brie Bella, branching off into a singles feud between the so-called "ugly duckling" of the show and the former general manager.

However, there is a part of me that thinks Naomi has a shot at winning this as well.

What better way to end the season of Total Divas than with one of the cast winning her first ever Divas Championship?

There's no real reason to transfer the title from one heel to another and give it to Brie, nor is there a reason to give it to Natalya as her big thing for the show is her relationship and wedding to Tyson Kidd, which leaves Naomi as the odd babyface out.

These women are going to try to steal the show and they very well might do just that.