Another Final Fantasy game that continues off from Final Fantasy XIII. Now I know some of the continuation of the final fantasy games either soar or become eh its good but not good enough. Final Fantasy XIII-2 isn't bad some people just complain about the changes or miss the old series. Advice to those people things can't always stay the same. And if you can't accept those changes then please don't ruin everyone's else experience to the new era of Final Fantasy.


Gameplay- Whew what to say..the gameplay did change a bit. For one the monsters appear randomly which kinda reminds me of the older FF games. But in all honestly it was kinda annoying because sometimes I wanted to get right to the story line and BAM monster appear and if the mog clock shows yellow you can never avoid them gosh -.-  But the gameplay is pretty much fun though and can we finally say that dang Crystarium finally got fixed. I finally can start a plan on who should have what and what role is most important. And having monsters as your third helper can either help you or hurt you. I just deal focus on three monsters and if they die oh well D:< its a dog eats dog game ya weak ya back off and don't slow me down I can handle my enemies with Noel and Serah only anyway. Hint hint we all experience fighting some kind of boss in FF13 with only two of your characters so it's not big deal if ya monster die if ya level up high enough your unstoppable ya hear UNSTOPPABLE!


Story- Ok storywise I was lost about the Af's and the 1Xaf etc. But once I got the hang of it this game is all about time travel. Though sometimes it wasn't that strong I honestly had to look online to know what the heck Caius big plan gonna work. And now I finally understood what Caius was doing. Everything was random sometimes and hard to put the optional worlds into the main storyline. And the paradox endings gosh all depressing every single one of them I don't even wanna see them cause their sad or its confusing and weird. But in the end kinda left ya in a cliff hanger Lightning in a crystal state while the world is being swallowed in darkness. I can't wait to know what happens next this video pretty much gives out my excitement. zlcmdx3MF6I?t=1m40s


Ups and Downs- The ups in this game that yes Square Enix listen to the gamers of leveling up faster. It wasn't so brain racking like 13 was I say the leveling up in this game pretty much was relaxing, all you need to do is train like a villain. I played pokemon when I was a lil girl so I'm used to hours of training and getting annoyed by it lol. Another up is that if ya ever messed up or a certain trophy you can only unlock if ya do certain actions correctly. You have the choice to close the gate and restart what ya messed up and missed. It can be annoying but hey least ya didn't have to start over right? So much better we say our thanks and be on our way. Time for the downs, one is the dang puzzles in this game. When ya start it's like "oh this is fun and so easy as pie." But when you get to Oerba 400 and 300 nothing but puzzles and they sure are annoying. I suffer gamer rage and had to go online to pass thru certain puzzles or I throw my controller at my tv >:/


Ending note- Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a good game had flaws of course but this game wasn't bad, people bash it too quickly. If ya don't like it that's alright its your opinion but don't make your opinions sound like facts cause that's not proving nothing and ya gonna win an award for being a killjoy. I had fun with this game though I loved Final Fantasy 13 more but this story was an ok sequel and yes Mog isn't annoying mwhahaha. Cannot wait to play Lightning Returns the 13 cycles ends there with Lightning awaken from her crystal state.

New World- Charice <3