I don't understand how some people can praise this game. It wasn't even a game, it was an interactive movie.

Battle system? What battle system? All I did the whole game was hit the same button when it asked if I liked its chosen course of action (besides the first Barthandelus fight, which was just stupidly difficult with no defense against Doom). No strategy was needed.

And the graphics, while they looked pretty, were just repeated continually through each area. For the first few seconds an area would look good, and then after that it became boring and repetitive.

As for dialog/plot/story... if I have to sit through one more resolve about Snow wanting to saving Serah, I will lose my mind. Some of their reasons for getting summons were so pathetic, I'm surprised everyone on the planet didn't have them.

And dont forget the linearity... could I have at least one hidden chest? Could I happen to get lost at least once? My friend put it perfectly: "There is no need for a map in FFXIII because it would just be a straight line."

In the end, you don't even need to play the game because everything of value that takes place in FFXIII (which is very little) can simply be read in the synopsis at the beginning of FFXIII-2.

Worst Final Fantasy ever. This is not opinion, this is pure fact, based on the few things I've pointed out.

About FFXIII-2:

FFXIII-2 makes up for almost all of this, in my opinion, and I was very impressed, at least compared to FFXIII, and I liked the game very much... until I found out there was no real ending. I have not actually finished it because of this. I do not see the point.

WTF, Square? Two ruined games in a row? I have no desire or interest to play the 3rd installment after these two.