Playing final fantasy XIII-2 is like asking for an egg sunny side up but getting it Scrambled. Everything I want is there, its just presented in a more chaotic fashion than I wanted. It's a good game,  don't get me wrong, and really fun to play, It just lacks in engaging story line and characters.
I gave the game an 8.5 because I believe whilst gameplay got better, the story didn't. Just like in Final Fantasy XIII they throw you directly into the middle of a story already being told. It gets confusing for some people. The following are some pros and cons about this game.


- Gameplay mechanics tweaked (The best out of these is the new  "Switch party leader when current leader dies")

- Not as Linear as XIII...... the game offers a multitude of side quests that benefit the main story line.

- Plethora of side quests.

- Lightning 75% naked at one point in the game.


- A personal annoyance for me in the game-play is that little dance your characters do every time you paradigm shift.

- Not as Linear as XIII.... truthfully this game  feels like a "Ha, how about this!!!" to all the people who said XIII was too linear. This game is no longer linear, in fact it is overwhelmingly nonlinear. You can possibly find yourself in a position where the completion of a side quest or the finding of a rare item is necessary for progressing the main story.

- Time Travel, now I know some are gonna get mad at me for putting this in the cons section, but I have reasoning. Time travel is a pretty solid mechanic in the game, It allows players to go back and forth between destinations at free will. But the concept of Time Travel, and paradoxes, wasn't brought to its full potential. You'd think you'd be able to alter history and unlock parallel timelines out the wazoo, but in this game, you can only do it for like 2 or 3 locations, and they are all part of the main story line. I thought I would be able to have more fun with time traveling, but really, its just a means to progress through the story.

- The game is shorter than normal and way too easy. Crystarium points are significantly lower in this game, but so are the needed amount of them for unlocking a skill. You'll find yourself maxing out the level of paradigm roles quickly. There are also only about 3 boss fights that are "tough", majority of everything else is child's play.