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Final Fantasy XIII-2

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer and Screenshots

Square Enix unleashed a new, trailer and screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The trailer, which features cutscenes and in-game battle sequences, runs just over 7 minutes long.

The game launches for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 31, 2012.

  • freaking sweet

  • lol, I just watched this trailer about 10 minutes ago on Youtube and now it's posted here. Gameinformer works quick! XD

    On a side note, I'm not really impressed with this trailer. I mean, I like FFXIII (despite what people say about it) but I don't know...
  • I have enjoyed every single final fantasy except for FF13. Please redeem yourself 13-2. Graphics of course look good. I just want some better dialogue, and a deeper combat system. FF13's system was too easy to master.
  • That crazy blonde haired dude looks like he's trying really hard to take a crap...
  • Nice

  • i so cannot wait for this game, even though i still havent beat XIII. it looks to be amazing, hopefully square puts there magic charm on this one so the haters will quit hating.
    ugh the video froze at around 3 min 30 seconds, come on i wanna watch the rest
  • Snow without his hat?

    Kinda looks weird, but I'll get used to it if I play the game.

  • Neat.

  • I can't wait for this game... mostly because then square enix can work on kh3.
  • What's Kain doing in there?
  • I feel like that trailer just gave away all the major plot points of the game... and what's with all the cliche teenager angst?  I really wish I could be excited by this title.

  • Am i the only one who thinks Snow looks amazingly dumb lol but on a topic about the game this game already looks way better then FFXIII(and i actually thought FFXIII was still a pretty good game compared to some of the other haters) but this game looks like it wont be as linear as the 1st one

  • Hey i tried to watch this yesterday but it diapered! Well its back now so lets watch!

  • Gosh, when is Final Fantasy 37 coming out already.
  • I am pretty excited for this game. Although I'm still a bit unsure about this whole time travel thing.
  • I honestly think this Noel guy is Serah and Snow's son. On a different note, did anyone else see the score GI gave to Arkham City XD
  • Such a gorgeous looking game, my money is on Final Fantasy XV using Luminous Engine though.
  • The 3 things every final fantasy must have 1. swords 2. robots 3. ridiculous hairstyles
  • The game looks beautiful, the trailer was intense, and as a die-hard FF fan I'm excited....
  • That is one BIG Jabberwock.

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