I have to honestly say that I am glad that Square Enix took notice that there material as of late needs to surpass that of Final Fantasy 7.In doing so,it seems to me that they are trying to go back in time and revisit what exactly made Final Fantasy important to the rpg gaming culture,but the end product was a bit messy.


Music: The score for Dimensions is well put together.I would recommend using a pair of earphones to truly soak in what each score has to offer.I would like to mention that on the flip side, a lot of the music is often recycled,but none the less,done very well.

Controls: The touch pad virtual controls tend to make navigating a bit wonky and awkward.There are IOS games that have flawless controls,for example; Queens Crown developed by Com2Us.

Gameplay: I honestly believe that this was the games strongest point.The battle system is istantly addicting.From the sprite animation to the changes in appearance when you change jobs are all done extremely well.The job system is a alot like Final Fantasy 5 wherein you assign a character a job class and learn the skills of that specific class inorder to equip said ability while using another class. The high encounter rate may be a problem to some new to the classic FF format.Lietrally,3-5 steps could throw you in a random encounter.Seeing as I loved the character animations and job system,it wasn't really much of a bother to me.


Story: If you are familiar with FF5,then the story as follows:a group of ragtag would be heroes entrusted by with the powers of shattered crystals in order to stop a dark entity.Throw in your cliche "FIGHT THE EMPIRE" angle and you pretty much have an FF 16 bit game. Now,I believe this is the part where I am suppose to tell everyone that SE has nailed it and produced yet another classic to add to their catalog,but sadly this isn't the case.I can tell you that,remember this is completely my opinion ,that SE has produced yet another hollow and shallow installment to the series.This game tries hard to imitate the classics and comes off cheesy and downright embarassing. The narrative is weak, more often leaving me at a lose of words and regretting my $30 digital purchase.Its almost as if the heads at SE decided to go with a writer that was fresh out of 9th grade and decided to give him a go.Classic doesn't mean a dumb down version of a story in order for it to be appealing. Take Final Fantasy 6(FF3 in the states),easy to understand yet so friggin great and compelling,*sigh* the good ol days.

   I have to say that I tried my best to like this game, I truly did. I wish that we could return to that era in RPG gaming where visuals were secondary and the real meat of the story was the content the game offered. Sadly, it seems as though SE is attempting to bank off nostalgia and using the FF brand name to push a game that could have been called something else and it would have less impact. The price point makes it extremely disappointing to even fathom how a enhanced port of FF3,originally a Nintendo ds game,debuted on the IOS store at $15.99 and is far superior in every sense of the word to FF Dimensions. I can't understand SE's logic,but business is business and a lot of companies have forgotten about the consumer.