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  • Blog Post: Fond Memories Can’t Sustain This Mobile Adventure

    Many iconic game franchises have found success by returning to their old-school roots. The latest side-scrolling outings for Mario and Luigi are hits, fans love the NES-inspired aesthetic of Mega Man 9 and 10, and the 2D Metroid titles on GBA are among Samus’ most acclaimed missions. Tapping into... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Dimensions: Prologue Impressions

    Square Enix has released Final Fantasy games on mobile devices before, but today marks the first time that North American gamers aren't just getting a port of a previously available entry. Final Fantasy Dimensions' design goes back to the golden age of Japanese RPGs, and I played through the... More
  • Blog Post: Phone-Based Final Fantasy Releases Today

    Update: Final Fantasy Dimensions is Square Enix's return to the classic RPG style of the 16-bit era, and it is out right now. Well, sort of. The prologue episode is available for free on iOS, but it doesn't appear to be out for Android yet. Also, if you had the whole day set aside to power through... More
  • Blog Post: Mobile Title Final Fantasy Dimensions Has New Screens & Art

    A new Final Fantasy title doesn't mean what it used to, and Final Fantasy Dimensions is another mobile port of a previously released Final Fantasy. However, you probably haven't played the original in this case, considering it was an episodic release for Japanese cell phones. As we learned when... More
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