Dear god, this game is an abomination. It pukes all over the Final Fantasy name with it's bad story, cringe worthy characters, motion only based controls and has NO RPG ELEMENTS WHATSOEVER. No classes, no skills, no other party members besides your main character who sucks, apparently he never learned how to do what most rpgs characters can do like I don't know... Use a sword or some f*****g magic but no, instead all he can do is lift and throw things using telekinesis. Sounds cool that he can use telekinesis but it's not... not in this game, it sucks. I don't even see how this is a Final Fantasy game, all they did was put some FF related monsters in the game and they call it FF. Does the idea of flailing your wrist around while listening to rodeo music sound like fun to you? Or dealing with a gold digging, shallow excuse for a love interest? How bout the weak story? The Chrystal Chronicles games have never been that great to begin with but this game is so much worse.